Bait Shop Blues
Pirri has crafted a tale about fishing, camping, and love in northern Minnesota. Her fun writing style makes for a great read. Take out a cup of tea and enjoy a tale of two headstrong personalities clashing as they fight natural instincts. Eileen Key for The Road to Romance

Rough Edges
This is a very tightly woven story that, though it has complications, doesn't lose its sense of romance and love that is the main premise. This story is a winner from the first page to the very end and will leave readers hungering for more of Ms. Pirri's stories. The Romance Studio.

The stories in this collection are well written and become progressively more steamy. Each contains sensuous love play combined with another element, such as comedy or paranormal components. The original plots and engaging, full developed characters will keep you riveted despite the brevity of the tales, 4 stars from Romantic Times, Keitha Hart


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I Wish You Love

All I Ever Wanted
The MacAulay Bride
Bait Shop Blues Make Me Behave
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